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Location: Sandhills Brewing 111 w 2nd Ave

Join us on Tuesday, May 31st at 7PM for a tour of one of the most classic beer styles: saisons.

Often called farmhouse ales, saisons originated on the farms around Europe and were a true laborer’s drink.

Saisons vary widely, especially in today’s brewing world, but are traditionally light, effervescent, low ABV, and frequently exhibit notes of fruit, black pepper, and even bubble gum. Unlike many beer styles that derive their primary flavors from the malts and hops, saisons are yeast driven, meaning the majority of their flavor and aroma characteristics are produced by the yeast itself.

We will walk through some of the history of the saison style and taste through at least four different saisons that each show case a different flavor, adjunct, or treatment.

A light snack will be served alongside the beers.

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