All beers available for draft pours or growler fills, unless otherwise noted

Green Heron with MosaicDouble New England-style IPA – Double New England-style IPA, brewed Mosaic & Citra, then double dry-hopped with Mosaic – 8.0% ABV

JuncoNew England-style IPA – Soft and hazy New England-style IPA with a juicy, citrus finish – 6.2% ABV

Kansas LagerLager – American Lager brewed and dry-hopped exclusively with locally-grown hops from Kansas Hop Company. Brewed in collaboration with Tall Trellis Brewing – 5.0% ABV

Pelican American IPA – Classic American IPA with notes of citrus and a hint of pine, smooth bitterness and crisp finish – 6% ABV

Sandpiper w/ Prickly Pear & Raspberry Sour Saison – Oak-fermented sour saison fermented with prickly pear, raspberry & aged hops – 6.0% ABV

WrenNew England-style Pale Ale– Easy-drinking, soft and juicy pale ale – 5.0% ABV

Spruce Tip SaisonSaison – Farmhouse-style ale brewed with Kansas-foraged spruce tips – 5.2% ABV

Barred OwlScottish Export – Smooth and malty with subtle notes of caramel – 5.3% ABV

HellesLager – Helles-style Lager, crisp and clean – 5.3% ABV *No Growler Fills

*Pathlight Collaboration: LucifugusSour Saison – Mixed-culture Belgian-style Sour Saison – 6.5% ABV

WittekerkeWit Beer – Belgian Wit Beer *Guest tap: Brouwerij de Brabandere, Belgium – 5.0% ABV *No Growler Fills

Citra PalePale Ale – American Pale Ale with Citra *Guest tap: Upslope Brewing Company, Boulder, CO – 5.8% ABV *No Growler Fills

Göller DunkelDunkel – German Dunkel Beer *Guest tap: Brauerei Göller, Germany – 5.2% ABV *No Growler Fills


Sandpiper with GrapesSour Saison – Mixed-culture sour Saison, aged in neutral oak with KS Sandhill red wine grapes – 5.0% ABV 375mL Bottle

SwiftSaison – Farmhouse-style Saison, fermented and aged in neutral oak – 6.5% ABV
500mL Bottle

*Pathlight Collaboration: LucifugusSour Saison – Mixed-culture Belgian-style Sour Saison – 6.5% ABV 500mL Bottle