All beers available for draft pours or growler fills, unless otherwise noted

Barred OwlScottish Export Ale – Smooth and malty character with subtle bitterness. A highly quaffable brew makes this an excellent chilly evening brew, or any other time too! – 5.6% ABV

BobwhiteAmerican Wheat – Classic, subtle citrus, easy-to-drink American Wheat beer – 5.6% ABV

Pink Guava & Passion Fruit ChickadeeBerliner Weisse – Tart wheat beer brewed with guava and passion fruit puree – 5.5% ABV

Great HornedWee Heavy, Scotch Ale – Aged in neutral oak, strong, malty character with prevalent notes of caramel – 8.6% ABV

Nelson IPL India Pale Lager w/ Nelson Sauvin Hops – Nelson Sauvin hops, a variety grown on the South Island of New Zealand, and are frequently described as having characters reminiscent of white wine, grapes, and even gooseberries. This beer is soft and refreshing with a lovely (yet still light) hop flavor and aroma – 4.9% ABV

Pelican American IPA – Classic American IPA with notes of citrus and a hint of pine, smooth bitterness and crisp finish – 6% ABV

Tangerine Wheat American Wheat – Classic wheat beer hopped with Cascade and fermented with Tangerine puree – 4.7% ABV

Wood DuckAmerican Brown Ale – Classic Brown Ale w/ crisp and malty body and subtle citrus finish – 5.6% ABV

Can and Bottle Selection

Barred OwlScottish-style Export – Coffee, caramel, smooth – 5.6% ABV 16oz Can

BobwhiteAmerican Wheat – Classic American Wheat, with subtle citrus finish – 5.5% ABV16oz Can

MeadowlarkGolden Sour Ale – fermented and aged in an oak foeder and dry-hopped with Kansas grown Comet from Kansas Hop Company – 5.6% ABV 16oz Can

Pelican American IPA – Classic IPA with notes of citrus and a hint of pine – 6.5% ABV 16oz Can

Red Tail Flanders Red – Sour red, rich, red wine, fruity – 7.1% ABV – 375ml Bottle

SandpiperSour Saison – Aged in oak barres with wine grapes – 5.0% ABV 375ml Bottle

SwiftFarmhouse Ale – Oak-fermented and aged – 6.5% ABV500ml Bottle

LucifugusAmerican Wild Ale – Bright lemony tartness, funky farmhouse, notes of wet hay and summer fruit – 6.5% ABV500ml Bottle