111 West 2nd Ave, Hutchinson, KS
5612 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS

Hutchinson Taplist

All beers available for draft pours or growler fills, unless otherwise noted

Pelican American-style IPA – An IPA brewed with Citra, Cascade, and Simcoe hops – 6.5% ABV

SparrowDark English Mild – Light-bodied Dark English Mild Ale – 4.0% ABV

Mythos StoutImperial Stout – A collaborative effort with Mythos Hot Sauce providing us with chipotle peppers and ube sweet potatoes to make a hot but smooth and malty imperial stout – 9.8% ABV

Rice Lager Japanese-style Lager – Very light and crisp lager made with rice

Dunkel Dark German Lager – Malt forward on both taste and aroma, slight toast, toffee and cocoa notes, plum and raisin – ABV 4.4%

Tequila BBL IPA Double IPA – American style double IPA briefly aged in agave tequila barrels

Sandpiper with GrapesSour Saison – Mixed-culture sour Saison, aged in neutral oak with Tramminette wine grapes – 5.0% ABV *No Growler Fills

BobwhiteAmerican Wheat – Classic American Wheat brewed with Cascade hops – 5.8% ABV

Munich Helles German Lager – Classic light German lager from the Munich region of Germany


BobwhiteAmerican Wheat – Classic American Wheat, with subtle citrus finish – 5.5% ABV16oz Can

Pelican American IPA – Classic IPA with notes of citrus and a hint of pine – 6.5% ABV 16oz Can

ChickadeeBerliner Weisse – Tart wheat beer, lightly sour – 5% ABV – 16oz Can

PeregrineGerman-style Pilsner – Light, crisp, simple – 4.5% ABV 16oz Can

Sandpiper Sour Saison – Fermented with a mixed culture and aged in Old Vine Zinfandel barrels, giving prominent notes of smooth oak and vinous character, this sour saison is tart, effervescent and deeply complex. – 7.5% ABV 375ml Bottle

Sandpiper Sour Saison – Effervescent, brightly tart, and loaded with ripe peach notes – 5.2% ABV 375ml Bottle

Red TailFlander’s Red (w/jalapeno) – Deep notes of rich red fruit and vanilla from the oak barrels and then finishes with a lovely warming from the pepper spice – 6.1% ABV 375ml Bottle

LucifugusAmerican Wild Ale – Bright lemony tartness, funky farmhouse, notes of wet hay and summer fruit – 6.5% ABV 500ml Bottle

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