Chickadee reservations re-opened!

We have opened up a second allocation of Chickadee cans for online reservations! This allows you to reserve 4-packs of cans online and then pick them up sometime between April 28th and the end of May.

You can reserve 4-packs of Chickadee cans by clicking here: reserve your cans online.

Our first set of reservations sold out quickly, so if you missed those, don’t wait!

New England IPA, Junco, going into cans

Tomorrow morning our first batch of New England IPA, Junco, will be put into cans. This will give us approximately 200 cans, which we will then put into 4-packs. Junco will be available exclusively from the brewery for on-site purchase to take home.

Junco, brewed with 2-row barley, white wheat, and a bucket of oats, showcases strong, beautiful hop character from multiple generous dry-hop additions. It features Magnum, Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. Do not let it fool you, though, it may have a lot of hops in it, but this beer is smooth, soft, and not at all bitter.

We’re really excited to have this batch ready for opening day. We do not expect it to last long so be sure to come by on Saturday the 28th if you want to get some!

Whiskey barrels for Barred Owl

What goes better with a Scottish beer than whiskey barrels? Not much! We recently acquired two freshly emptied barrels that previously held Buffalo Trace bourbon. In the coming weeks we will brew a few batches to fill these beautiful barrels, then we wait, and wait, and wait.

If you’re like us and excited for the barrels to finally be ready but have a hard time waiting patiently, how about coming to the brewery on April 28th to help hold you over with our other beers? We will have Chickadee, Barred Owl (non barrel aged), Sparrow, Junco, and even a test Gose available for sampling and purchase!