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2023 Holiday Mystery Box

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Our 2023 Mystery Box is loaded with Sandhills goodies. Whether it’s for yourself or someone special, our Mystery Boxes make the perfect gift for the Beer Enthusiast!

Each box contains 2 wearable swag items, 2 beers ( one bottle, one can), some glassware, stickers, and coasters. Each box has a value between $92 to $175! But we’re feeling festive, so we’re letting them go for just $60!

Not all boxes are created equal, some will have additional items included such as a 2023 Mug from our Mug Club, a 2024 Mug (these mugs are not invitations to the mug club), an Oktoberfest Stein, a 2023 Ugly Sweater, Beanies, and even a 2023 Christmas Ornament.

Each box includes some of our reserved beers from throughout the years, a range of Sandpipers, Bourbon Barrel Stouts, Chanterelles, and more.

We have a limited quantity of just 12 boxes per location. Each box will be sold by shirt size. This is a once-a-year promotion, make sure to get in line early to get yours.

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