On Friday, December 7, 2018, at 11AM we will release a new variation of Chickadee in 16oz cans and on draft.

In early October, our first foeder, hand-crafted by Foeder Crafters in St. Louis, MO, was delivered and is now a center piece in our Hutchinson tasting room. We filled the foeder with ~500 gallons of Chickadee, our tart wheat beer, and then allowed it to ferment and mature for a month. Once it had acidified and developed a beautiful lemony, tart character, we pulled off ~32 gallons and transferred them to our brite tank, where we dry-hopped the beer with Ekuanot, a hop that features intense fruity and citrus notes, including melon, berry, citrus, lime, apple and papaya.

We have 99 16oz cans and three kegs for draft pours and growler fills in the tasting room.

Along with Foeder Chickadee #1, our tap list for this weekend is:

  • Sparrow, Dark English Mild
  • Barrel-Aged Barred Owl, Scottish Export aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels
  • Junco, New-England IPA
  • Kestrel with Guava, Gose (tart wheat with sea salt and coriander)
  • Golden Tanager, Brett New-England IPA with Passionfruit
  • Great Horned, Wee-Heavy
  • Yankee Rose, American Blonde Ale from Three Rings Brewery

We also now have three craft ciders available in the tasting room:

  • Texas Honey Cider from Austineast Cider
  • Hopped Cider from Dave and Dani Craft Cider
  • Apple Pie Cider from Dave and Dani Craft Cider