For this week’s release we are bringing out a new version of Raven, our imperial stout, and bringing back a fresh batch of Kestrel, our gose, with mangos.

Raven – Imperial Stout with Coffee

Raven is a large imperial stout featuring rich notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Traditionally there is no actual coffee in the beer but the malts we use to create the beer do lend strong coffee notes to it. This time, however, we’ve added real coffee directly to the beer.

We partnered up with Metropolitan Coffee to create this collaboration. First we got together with the Zach and Jim from the Metropolitan for a blending session where we worked with a fresh batch of Raven (unmodified) and a fresh batch of their cold-brew coffee. Together we created what we felt was the optimal blend and ratio of beer to coffee, then we brewed fresh batch of Raven and added the proper amount of cold-brew directly to the fermented beer.

The result is a beautifully rich stout that show cases rich notes of dark chocolate and abundant amounts of coffee. We have a little under five kegs available for draft pours and growler fills.

Kestrel – Gose with Mangos

A gose is a tart wheat beer brewed with sea salt and coriander. Tomorrow we’ll be bringing back a new batch of Kestrel that was matured on 42lbs of mangos.

The bright acidity of Kestrel blends perfectly with the mangos to create a delightful summer beer. Sometimes, when in the dead of winter, we need reminders of warm sunshine and beaches. Kestrel with Mangos is exactly that reminder.

We have two kegs and a decent number of 16oz cans in 4-packs available.