Back in December, 2014, I brewed a Belgian saison with Wyeast 3724 and dregs from a Saison-Brett from Boulevard Brewing Company. It sat quietly in my basement for two and half months before finally being bottled in the second week of February.

Near the end of fermentation I was really unsure about it, but after opening a bottle of Funky Amarillo Gold from Prairie Artisan Ales (which I absolutely loved) and realizing that it had similar flavors to my saison with brett, I decided to go ahead and dry hop with some amarillo and then bottle it four days later.

After bottle conditioning for two weeks, I decided to crack the first bottle. The carbonation and head retention was excellent and the aroma was just awesome. I was immediately reminding of the Funky Amarillo Gold I had loved two weeks earlier.

2015-02-25 18.21.57Since opening the first bottle, I’ve opened several more and have been pleased with each one of them.

I ended up doing a side-by-side comparison with the Funky Amarillo Gold and, while the differences are quite noticeable, they share clear similarities.

This beer began as a clone of Saison-Brett from Boulevard and ended up as something entirely different, but that’s okay because it’s awesome.