Saison-Brett from Boulevard Brewing Company is one of my favorite seasonal beers. It’s simply outstanding. The first farmhouse saison we brewed, which was based on Boulevard’s Tank 7, turned out fantastic and is the best beer we have brewed to date. Following after that success, I wanted to try my hand at another saison, but this time with brett, mimicking Saison-Brett.

The brew day went pretty much as planned. We mashed for an hour at 150 F and did a simple fly-sparge with 13.85 quarts of water at 164 F, collecting 6.25 gallons of wort. Our efficiency came out a bit lower than hoped at just 73.3%. I am still figuring out how to improve the efficiency as it’s generally lower than estimated.

After the boil, we cooled with my self-made immersion chiller, which took about 30-45 minutes. The yeast and dregs from a Saison-Brett were pitched at 75 F and then the carboy was placed in large plastic tub filled with water and an aquarium heater to keep the temperature between 75 and 80 F. It was left to sit for 14 days in the warm water and then moved to room temperature, where it will stay until the beginning of February.


Brew date: 12/05/2014
Batch size (Gal): 5.0
Total grain (Lbs): 12.00
Wort boil time: 60 Minutes
Estimated OG: 1.064
Actual OG: 1.059
Estimated FG: 1.008
Actual FG:


10.00 lb Belgian Pilsner
1.00 lb Munich Malt
1.00 lb Clear Candi Sugar


2.00 oz Williamette @60 min
1.00 oz Saaz @15 min
1.00 oz Saaz @5 min


Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison
Dregs from a bottle of Boulevard Saison Brett