At the beginning of October, I put together a one gallon batch of Edwort’s Apfelwein, though I tweaked the recipe a little bit. The original recipe for standard apple juice that you would buy from the store. Since my parents live on a decommissioned commercial apple orchard, I opted for farm fresh cider that we pressed in July.

I let it ferment for two months before bottling. Although many people recommend fermenting cider for 5-9 months, I was pretty happy with the taste at two. Also since this was my first cider, I didn’t have a lot to go on to know what it should or should not taste like at two months.

I decided to go ahead and bottle this one up while simultaneously starting a second batch that I will let sit at least four months in order to compare the two. Once apple season rolls around again, I’m planning to put away 10 – 20 gallons, at which time I can really have some fun with experimenting with the aging process.

The cider was bottled with a small amount of priming sugar and then put away in the bar cabinets to carbonate. The second from the left picture above shows it pre-carbonation and the second from the right shows it one-week into carbonation. At one week the carbonation wasn’t very strong but definitely present.

It has a nice mild taste that’s not too dry.

While I’m sure I can do much better, I’m very happy with the results of my very first apfelwein.

When first put together, I forgot to take the OG so I do not know what the final alcohol content is.