Tonight we brewed an American wheat beer that in two weeks will get infused with puréed dragon fruit, hence the name Dragon Wheat.

The recipe was based on aspects of several other wheat beer recipes, including one that used Prickly Pear.


4lbs torrified wheat
4lbs breiss 2-row
4oz honey malt


1oz Willamette (60 min)
0.5oz Cascade (10 min)


Wyeast 1056


Update 11/22/2014: Unfortunately this turned out to be a failure. Most likely due to the wheat being unmilled and I not having a way to crush it, the amount of sugar we extracted from the grains was substantially lower than expected. The ABV came out to ~1.3% and was nearly undrinkable even three weeks after bottling. Perhaps due to the severely low alcohol per volume, there was almost zero carbonation. It was a fun, yet failed, experiment.