Last weekend while some of my team and I were in Kansas City for a team meetup, we brewed an American Rye beer that will have apples added to it after one week, making it an Apple Pie Rye. Along with apples, it also received a small dose of maple syrup near the end of the boil.


11lb 1oz 2-row
3lb 9oz Victory
1lb 8.9oz Caramel/crystal
4.1oz Cara-pils


1.04 Calypso (60min)
2.08 Cluster (10min)

Yeast: 1 package Nottingham


5 Jonathan apples added at one-two weeks.
2.12 lbs maple syrup

OG: 1.070

Target FG: 1.019
Actual FG: 1.010

We were supposed to include a cinnamon stick in the last 5 minutes of the boil but accidentally forgot it, so it won’t be as much of an “apple pie” beer, but it should still be darn tasty.

This brew was based on the apple pie rye from I Brew and Cook Food.

Update 12/23/2014

The FG came out to 1.010, 9 points below the estimated. This brought the ABV to 7.9%.

Overall I’m really happy with how this beer came out. We decided to split it and only put half of it on top of apples, which gave us two pretty distinctly different beers. Both have excellent clarity and overall a pretty pleasant flavor.